Food Sensitivity Testing
Food sensitivity
screening just £29

Are you one of those people who accepts living with a condition that blights your everyday life? 

But why?

Didn’t you realise
that you don't have
to live with
the pain or discomfort your condition
brings you?
If you crave a healthier life, free from pain,
& inconvenience
take action

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I’m Tracy Fuller,

a Naturopathic Nutritionist

with a passion to help everyone feel good about themselves.


I want you to


and not just


If you are affected by any of the conditions below

then you may benefit from a food sensitivity test.

Without a food sensitivity test you might NEVER know the truth about your condition.


Whatever your sensitivity is, we will find it and pinpoint it, so that you can avoid it in future. It is as simple as that.

Most of the conditions above can be associated with a particular food or drink you consume. Getting better is simply a matter of identifying and avoiding foods that make you feel unwell.

Food sensitivity testing is key to getting your life back and enjoying the everyday things people take for granted...

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Food Sensitivity Testing & how it can benefit you,

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