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Bio-resonance testing can be done either in person or via

hair sample with a turnover time of approximately 5 days.  

If you have an allergy, Natural Nutrition can help pinpoint exactly what this may be via blood testing, which costs approximately £120 as it is sent to a laboratory.


Natural Nutrition in Eastbourne can help with digestive

issues, menopausal issues and weight issues.  Tracy Fuller

is a qualified weight loss and wellbeing coach and can help with making good dietary changes which makes a lasting difference.


As well as Bio-resonance screening. Tracy sometimes uses diagnostic testing which helps determine what is causing symptoms. 


Conditions such as IBS, Leaky Gut, Candida and SIBO can have similar symptoms and therefore often difficult to treat without knowing which condition it is. 


Diagnostic testing can help in the formulation of a treatment plan, therefore reducing the length of time you may have to be on a particular dietary plan and/or supplements.


Please get in touch if you would like to make an appointment or if you would like a chat as it which route is best suited to you.

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