Full Health Screening

Do you have low energy? Feel out of sorts? Have sluggish digestion? Constant discomfort? Or just generally out of whack?

Take a pro-active approach to your health

If you would like to get your mojo back, have more energy and understand what your body needs, you could benefit from a Bio-Resonance Screening.

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Many of us wake up every day and accept that we feel sluggish, have aches and pains and generally feel out of sorts. We make excuses like “It’s my age” or “I’m hormonal” and we accept that this is the way it is.

Do you want a healthier life? More energy? Better digestion? To be free form aches and pains?

Then take action TODAY!

Bio-Resonance Screening

This is a non-invasive, pain-free way to help identify imbalances within your body that may be affecting your health or digestion. The body has a system of energetic channels and the Bio-Resonance screening gives feedback on any issues within these channels by measuring energetic responses within the body.

What happens during a Screening and when will I get the results?

Qest4 Bio-Resonance Health screening is fast and painless. It is a simple, effective way to get information from your body about its health.

We offer both in-person and remote sessions

In an in-person session

You will sit comfortably in a chair, holding two brass cylinders on a handheld device. Results are immediate and Tracy will go through the findings with you and suggest a nutrition and lifestyle plan to improve your entire wellbeing.

Remote screening (full testing)

Tracy will send you containers for samples of hair and nails, which she will then process. Within 7 working days, Tracy will have the results and you will have a phone consultation about the best steps forward to improve your nutrition and general wellbeing.

You can also read Tracey’s account of having a Bio-Resonance screening here

How much does it cost?

Food Sensitivity Screening

The food sensitivity screening works in the same way as the full health screening and will simply identify which foods you may have a sensitivity to, so you can adjust your diet and start to feel good within yourself.


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Food Sensitivity plus Vitamin and Mineral Screening

A bio-energetic food sensitivity test help identify the foods that can contribute to and the foods that can interfere with your health. This test includes vitamin & mineral deficiency screening.


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Full Health Screening and Nutritional Therapy

This non-invasive Bio-Resonance screening will look at the whole body as an energetic system. The test measures energetic responses of the body to get an assessment of health. Tracy will then make suggestions to boost your entire wellbeing.


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The Science Part

The first electro dermal screening was developed in 1950s by Dr Voll. In the years since, many technical studies, research papers and tests have verified the effectiveness of the process.

The Qest4 is the result of decades of continuous development in applying the principle of energetic assessment by electro-dermal testing. It is the most advanced bioenergetic testing device on the market today and is the world’s #1 bioenergetic screening system. The Qest4 provides information about the energetic origins of an individual’s health challenges, such as: allergies, pathogens, toxins heavy metals, structural issues, metabolic issues and many more. The Qest4 will also determine the appropriate set of treatments or remedies based on bioenergetic principles and practices.

In a recent double-blind study, conducted by E.Alan Jeppsen, M.D. and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D. of the University of Utah Alternative Medicine Department, the Qest4 showed a 97% correlation with blood chemistry using a clinical pool of 1800 patients.

Everything in life is energy. It is recognised by the medical world that we are electromagnetic beings and this is often applied in diagnostic machines. MRI machines work with magnetic energy, ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKG’s are an electronic representation of what is in the heart and EEG’s are an electromagnetic representation of what is in the brain.

The Qest4 emits a low voltage output to check the body’s response to a variety of issues and imbalances. The software then runs through a database of literally thousands of items (homeopathies, herbs, vitamins) to see which the body responds positively to.

All consultations will result in a remedy (drops or pillules) to help adjust any imbalances).

The testing is painless and results are available instantly.

Tracy offers shorter appointments for specific tests. e.g. a food sensitivities screening or a longer appointment for a more in-depth screening, running multiple tests.

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