Food Sensitivity Screening

The food sensitivity screening works in the same way as the full health screening and will simply identify which foods you may have a sensitivity to, so you can adjust your diet and start to feel good within yourself.


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Food Sensitivity plus Vitamin and Mineral Screening

A bio-energetic food sensitivity test help identify the foods that can contribute to and the foods that can interfere with your health. This test includes vitamin & mineral deficiency screening.


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Full Health Screening and Nutritional Therapy

This non-invasive Bio-Resonance screening will look at the whole body as an energetic system. The test measures energetic responses of the body to get an assessment of health. Tracy will then make suggestions to boost your entire wellbeing.


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After suffering with years of IBS I visited Tracy Fuller to see if she could help me. She did just that! After a consultation and allergy test I found out that there was certain foods I should be avoiding. This has been life changing. I would like to thank Tracy so much for all of her knowledge and great advice and I wouldn't hesitate recommending Tracy.

Charlotte Duffy

Natural Nutrition

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