I’m Tracy Fuller,

a Naturopathic Nutritionist

with a passion to help everyone feel good about themselves.


I want you to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE!

Are you one of those people who accepts living with a condition that blights your everyday life? 


But why?

Didn’t you realise that you don't have to live with the pain or discomfort your condition brings you?

My passion is helping people transform their health by identifying imbalances in the body and making simple changes to their diet and lifestyle to address these imbalances. 

I do this by combining my knowledge as a naturopathic nutritionist with my Qest4 bio-resonance health screening device. 

I love seeing my clients transform their lives and mindsets around food and free themselves from the symptoms of food sensitivities.

I also use energetic remedies to help balance the body and aid the healing process.

I know how it feels to have no energy, to constantly wake up tired and feel under the weather. I transformed my health by making dietary changes after going to the doctor and being told I would need medication for the rest of my life.


I trained for 3 years with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, followed by tutoring for 2 years. I have since undertaken Functional Medicine Training and am a qualified SIBO practitioner.  I also am trained in EFT.

I am committed to enabling people to find better health, and in 2017 I purchased the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre in Eastbourne.

The Centre is a hub of complementary healthcare practitioners

and provides a full programme of fitness & wellness classes

including Pilates and Yoga on the Eastbourne seafront. 

I am registered with the Naturopathic Nutritional Association

and the Federation of Nutritional Therapists.

Natural Nutrition is about getting to the underlying cause of the issue, rather than just dealing with symptoms.

It is a holistic way of looking at the body and mind

to truly have an understanding of what health is.

I believe the body is amazing, and knows what it

needs to thrive, but the problem is that due to the stresses we impose upon ourselves, it struggles to

find balance, which is when we get symptoms of illness. 


We want to work with the body and enable it to do

what it needs to, not fight it.


Natural Nutrition is about helping to find that

balance once more so you can THRIVE,

and not just SURVIVE.


Your health really is your greatest asset! 

In order to keep in perfect harmony, your body needs an amazing array of nutrients, many of which are not stored by the body and therefore need stocking up every day. 


If you are not giving your body those essential ingredients so it can function optimally, can you really expect it to continue functioning well? 

If you put diesel in your petrol car, what happens?  It’s going to break down, isn’t it? 


It’s exactly the same way with your body if you don’t give it want it needs, it won’t work!

I love baking and know that if I miss out a certain ingredient, or put too much or too little of an ingredient in, the end result may still be edible, but it just won’t taste right. 


The body is like this, it may still work even if given the wrong ingredients, but something will just not be right with it, and over time your body will start to show symptoms of these imbalances.

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